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Nov 6, 2019

Eelo! Hi. The Hypotheticast is back, baybee. Emily, Mike, and David are all here to help you answer the most important questions you've ever had: would-you-rather questions about eels! It's mean of us to make you wait this long, but we promise, at long last, you'll finally be able to live a full life. 

You might be...

Oct 30, 2019


Hi there, good ol' feed. I'm in you. I'm a podcast episode, and I'm just hangin' here, in your feed. It's a nice place. I can't wait for you to listen to me. 

We're back! Just David and Mike, while Emily prepares her newborn human child for a life filled with podcast appearances. We just had to do a Halloween...

Sep 11, 2019

Oh, good. You made it. Come on in. The beakers are bubblin', the pots are boilin', the science is happ'nin'. It's The Collaboratory! And we're making superheroes today, using only an adjective, a name, and a weakness. And oh boy, we made 'em. We made 'em real nice.

Topics include: Lots of Rubber Stuff, Cats Being Good...

Sep 4, 2019


Do you know them? We know them. There's all sorts, like big ones, and bug ones, and the ones with lasers. And we're answering would-you-rather questions about them! As well as, of course, a meatier question, AND a surprisingly morally complicated adventure for David. 

Topics include: Rainbow Brite,...

Aug 28, 2019

Oh, oh, oh my hello good morning. It's time to get blasted by us, in your ears, by our words, and actually, blasted is a tough and aggressive word. I'm sorry. Um. Take 2.

You wanna hear this podcast? Hit play. 

There it is.

This time, we're playing a naughty version of the game called "The Good, The Bad, and The...