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Feb 21, 2018

It's that special, magical time of year. The time when all the nations of the world set aside their differences and get real cold and go real fast.


That's our theme this week, and we've got a lot to say. Topics include: baby luge, purple medals, Star Track, Globey: The Earth That Pooped, stealing baby...

Feb 14, 2018

You know Do, Dump, Date. It's the best game. We made it up 100% no problem yep sure did, and we're slapping our Harry Potter theme from last week onto this episode too! And Liz is still here! Good golly, we're lucky.

Topics include: A Levitation to Remember, a great new reality show called Dump That Duck, Party Riot,...

Feb 7, 2018

Are you a pot-head? That's what they call people that like Harry Potter, right? No? Dang. I can't keep up.

Fortunately, we have a guest named Liz to guide us through the wild and wacky magical theme of the week. She killed it, and she's the best. The best!

Topics include: Mike is an important demographic,...

Jan 31, 2018

Remember those amazing Mutant Animal cartoons of the 80s? Or, honestly, even of today? We loved Street Sharks. We loved Extreme Dinosaurs. And we also loved the Middle-Aged Creme Filled Sugar Gliders. Wait, that last one wasn't real? Haha. Gotcha. We made that one up. On this show!

Tune in to find out all about some...

Jan 24, 2018

Hey, meat-heads.

Or cheese-heads.

Or cheese-substitute and meat-substitute heads.

Hey, heads. 

It's me, the Hypotheticast. I'm back, with another themed episode for your beautiful little ears. And guess what? This one's ALL about pizza. Like, actually. The whole thing. This might be our most focused topic yet, and we're...