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Sep 19, 2018

Escape Rooms. 

They're tricky. They're difficult. They're just like us.

This week, we're trying to unlock the secrets of just what makes Escape Rooms so exciting. And how are we going to do that? By answering hypothetical questions about them, of course! Ugh. Duh.

Topics include: ladies in bathrobes, how pooping in...

Sep 12, 2018

Would I Rather?

A wonderful question. And a wonderful game. 

Today, we're playing it with Sean Dillon. Yeah, bb. He's back for more, and I guess you are too, listener. Find out whether or not Emily would like it to rain caterpillars, and what David would do if he were the size of a quarter.

Topics include: all my...

Sep 5, 2018


A constant. Or is it a plastic, wibbly, fabric, inscrutable idea? God, we don't know. But we're here to talk about it. And our special guest expert is here to talk about it, too! Sean Dillon knows a thing or two about time, because he's been in a linear timestream for at least a few years. Listen to him,...