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Jun 20, 2018

Beatrix Potter probably had some NASTY-good tattoos.

Just saying.

Hi, it's me, the Microtheticast. I'm a smaller, most digestible Hypotheticast. And this week, I'm a game called "Would I Rather?" It's where we pose the trickiest would-you-rather questions we've gotten over the last couple months, then guess how each...

Jun 13, 2018


It happens to us all, eventually. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little. Sometimes ultimately, like when we die, I guess. But failure is real, and we're here to make it FUN.

By that, of course, I mean that we're going to answer Would You Rathers about failure from wonderful listeners, we're going to speculate...

Jun 6, 2018

Oh, Buzzfeed. The true source of most of our society's joy. Or, at least, the true source of most of our identity, in terms of We Can Totally Tell Which Disney Princess You Are Based On Which Song You Listened To After Your First Breakup.

This week on the Microtheticast, we're taking a Would You Rather quiz. Here's the...

May 30, 2018

Hello, buds. Greetings, comrades. Hi, pals.

This week, all our questions are centered around the theme of friendship! That's right. We're buds, and we're talkin' about bein' buds. In abstract ways. In direct ways. In sinister ways. 

Tune in and find out exactly what sorts of things Mike would do for a friend. Trust me....

May 23, 2018

Remember Fallout Shelter? Of course you do. It's everybody's favorite game. Or, at least, it's one of ours. Since we did oceans last week, we thought it was only fair to keep the nautical theme rolling and do a boat-themed microtheticast! 

So, buckle up. Or, like, strap yourself down. Hold onto a sail. I don't know what...