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Aug 12, 2020

Animal Battle! We're having it.

Wonder what that means? Look no further than this image. We'll be picking two animal groups to defend us, while the rest come to DESTROY US. 

Tell us how you figured it out, what you would do differently, or that you would do it exactly like David did, especially the part about...

Aug 5, 2020

Doing. Dumping. Dating.

The three ways humanity expresses itself. That's it, baby! That's all of it! We're talking about kisses, we're talking about roses, we're talking about Danny DeVito. Please join us.

Topics include: Mike You Have to Die Now, I'm Ready for Danny, Bonus Dump, Laser Booms in My Bedroom, Catherine the...

Jul 29, 2020

Did you know that songs are dangerous? We're here to protect you. Over the years, Kidz Bop has been saving children from the perils of swearing, alcohol, drugs, butts, and all the other gross stuff adults like to sing about. But, hey, Kidz Bop? Ya lazy. You're doing a very bad job. You've lost your edge.

Don't worry,...

Jul 22, 2020

Oh, beans.

I mean, wait. Oh, beans! Can that be a positive expression now? Yes, please, it can. This week's Hypotheticast is a whole bucket of would-you-rathers about your favorite beans. And probably your least favorite beans, too. We cover 'em all! 

Topics Include: I Want a Bean Feast, Eat Me Out Willy Wonka,...

Jul 15, 2020

Eek! Augh! Wow! Scary, you. But for good reasons. Scary cool, or scary hot. One of those. Welcome to the show notes! I'm glad you came. Today, we're playing Dark Stories, which is a game about mishaps or crimes or death, but also kind of like a big riddle bonanza. Lots of questions, lots of sleuthing, and just a lot...