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Jun 16, 2021

Do. Dump. Date. 

The only three ways. 

Help us choose.

Topics include: Raid the Money Bins, Long and Sour, Seinfeld's Pretty Funny Right, Shoot the Shit with Tonya Harding, Don't Britney Her, Disco Duck, The Olympics You're In Danger, They're Runnin' Fast and Swim, and He Who Stanked It Hoobed It.


Come chat with...

Jun 9, 2021

This week is really simple: what if we were Harold?

We've got a lot of ideas. Come along with us, and hear them. Or just like, play the podcast, but take out your headphones, go on a walk, and imagine what we might have said. That's the true Hypotheticast.

Topics include: Orcs Get it, Leanin' Veeg, If It Helps...

Jun 2, 2021

You know the game. Or do you?

Everything you know has changed.

Nothing will ever be the same.




Topics include:  Next Pandemic, Buttercups, The Pizza Party of the Soul, The B Stands for Blanket, Something That Knows About Ghosts, Dirty Blankets, The Girls Only Dorm, The School to Blanket Pipeline,...