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Jul 26, 2017

It's still summer. But we already did a summer-themed episode. What to do next? I think the answer's obvious. I mean, we thought so. 


Yep. This week, it's all about that special dance that we do with other humans sometimes. Topics include Mike definitely knowing the lyrics AND tune to "Let's Talk About Sex," Mapquest for Innuendos, Definitely Going Giggly (the new Ben Affleck joint), Marvel's Sexually Activated Winter Soldier, Bone Improvement, DJ Very Icky, and a rather unfortunate comparison of sex and pop tarts. 

We love you so much, and thank you so much for continuing to send in amazing questions / reviews / ideas. You're literally the best fans in the whole world, at least probably, let's be honest, I'm not doing a survey. I'm just gonna assume.


Hey look! It's Olivia's Blog! Check. It. Out.

And it's her podcast, too! Dang.