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Apr 3, 2019

Products! Goods and services! Experiences! All that stuff, and more, can be found in stores. They're great places. Or terrible ones. Or somewhere in between, probably, if we're being honest.

Mike, Emily, and David are here to answer a bunch of amazing hypothetical questions about stores, and touch on all the big stuff. Like, you know, whether or not IKEA would be a good place to hide, whether or not employee attention is desirable, and just how far we'd go to get a deal. 

Topics include: My Dad Has No Earthly Desires, Scott Monsma's Hersheys Obsession, Apologies to Multiple Mothers, The Top Floor of the Top Shop, Eating Pizza While Reading Books, Long Capitalist Ghost Trains, Eating and Sleeping in the KnapSnack, and The Punishment.


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