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Jun 26, 2019

You remember little Haley Joel. He saw 'em all, that one did. With those magic eyes.

This episode is about his eyes, sort of. Actually, not really. Not really at all. This episode is about . . . extra senses. The movie-style one, the actual ones, the animal ones, all of 'em. Anything that isn't covered in the Conventional Five, that's what we're all on about this episode. And you gave us some great questions, so just like listen already it's right there the play button is right there I mean these notes honestly aren't that good and you've gotten this far which is exciting and means that my typing lessons were not a waste, that'll be good news for my grandma who paid for my typing lessons, just kidding that didn't happen, Mavis Beacon taught me how to type and how to be a respectable human man.

Topics include: He Was So Little, Giving Birth to a 20-Year-Old, Get All the Prickles At Once When You Want Them, Garage Sale Sense, When Pizza Draws Near, and Just Writing Notes to People.


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