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Nov 6, 2019

Eelo! Hi. The Hypotheticast is back, baybee. Emily, Mike, and David are all here to help you answer the most important questions you've ever had: would-you-rather questions about eels! It's mean of us to make you wait this long, but we promise, at long last, you'll finally be able to live a full life. 

You might be surprised at how long this episode is. Well, no worries. You can either listen for an explanation, or read this one. We're moving to a new format, where we'll be releasing four half-hour episodes every month, instead of the more inconsistent Big One Small One alternation. That means we'll have more room to explore the segments that we already love, try out new segments, bring back old games, and more! 

Today, we're doing Would You Rather. And our topics include: Good Cop, Eel Cop, I Love the Eels, One Hundred Lges, The Hooded Pitohui, Shmilkshakes, Just Eel Out the Window, and Lucy Jawless.


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