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Sep 2, 2020

It's been a while since we had a GUEST on this show. But no longer. This episode's got a special man-shaped nougat in the center, and I think you'll really enjoy his flavor. By that, of course, I mean we're doing urban-legend-themed would-you-rathers with none other than Adal Rifai!

Join us to find out what Bloody Mary does in her downtime, how a Baby Train works, and exactly how much of a person can be a deer for Emily to be interested in kissing them. 

Topics include: Baby Human Centipede, Doing a Train, Pussy Mary and the Blelves, The Tiny Clown Butler from Downton Abbey, Takin' it In Like a Vaccuum, Mouth Violence, Maybe I Can Train My Tongue, Super Confident Monkeys, Bloody Mary Top, The Marx Sisters, If That's the End of It, and Deer John.


Check out Hello from the Magic Tavern and Hey Riddle Riddle, two shows that Adal hosts and also are very good, what a combo.

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