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Sep 9, 2020

Oh dear, oh dear. It's back to school time. And, while that looks so different for so many of you, we're trying to keep it Very Normal here at the Hypotheticast, so Mike's giving us some Back to School Hypothetical Questions! We're talking about colors, about inventions, and about living in the zoo. You know. School stuff!

Topics include: Consumerist Little David, Sneakers and Guns, A Possum in a Denim Jacket, Geese Are Just Nasty, Teen Pop Basketball Songs, Petal Pubs, Think Outside the Glocks, Baba Anujka, Too Cool for Trends, and Mr. Teacher the Janitor. 

The Songs David Mentioned That He Said He Would Put in the Show Notes:

Animal Spirits - Vulfpeck

Lovely Day / Good as Hell Mashup - Pomplamoose



Or, search for us on SPOTIFY if you don't understand why we were talking about Elephant Poop.