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Apr 14, 2021

Hi. Hello. We're here with a goofy thing, and we want you to have the goofy thing, but state-sanctioned police violence just keeps happening in our state and it feels really strange and wrong not to acknowledge it. 

We recorded this episode a couple weeks in advance, and we really hope it brings levity and that you get like sixty giggles. But we also hope that, today, you can at least open your wallets and re-distribute some wealth to a mutual aid fund. Or deliver some urgently needed supplies to a mutual aid site. Or learn about police abolition! Or, talk to your friends about what safety means to you. Please. The system is working exactly as it was intended, and it needs to change.

Enjoy these jokes. Stay safe. We love you.

Topics include: It's Roll Call, Larry the Churchy Guy, The Cool Guy Awards, Check Out This Butt, As Many Goblins As I Desire, Beff Jezos, and Haley Joel Osment.


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