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May 12, 2021

Is it time? Why, yes! Time for what? That's up to you, my beautiful friend.

For us, it is time to make a podcast, in which we answer Would-You-Rather questions and our bond becomes even more powerful. Do you want to be powerful? Join us.

Topics include: Lil' 5G Bill Gates Baby, He's Trash but He's Single, Mike's a Spindle Boi for Sure, Flavor Tubes Hangin' From the Sky, Dairy Queen Onlyfans, Tubestuff, Peas are Smaller Than Your Earhole, The Only Way to Get Out of Being a Vampire, and Prancer the Ghost Dog.


Come chat with us, and other rad fans of the show, in our FACEBOOK GROUP!


Or, search for us on SPOTIFY if you think that Emily should start calling Tanner "Spray Tan."