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Jun 23, 2021

Ah, you. Good ol' you. Here again, to see me. Me! The lowly Hypotheticast. What a privilege. What an honor. Let me take your hat, and your coat. These look expensive. My, my.

We've got a guest today, by the way! Her name is Raynee! She's the Would You Rather Madness Champion, and truly shines in her role. She's taking over the podcast! Forever! It's just her now! That's it!  

Topics include: Old Fashioned Would-You-Rathers, The Old Emily, Nothing Exists Until It Has a Name or a Flag, Pete Beveges, Can My Toe Taste My Shoe, Champ Stamp, Four Loko is Confusing, Punchy the Island Guy, and If You Be The Judge.


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