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Aug 11, 2021

We. Love. Corporations. 

But you know what we love more than corporations? Marketing for corporations. So, we're playin' a little game called Adverteasing, which is . . . a real game, from a box. We're guessin' slogans, and doing some fairly wild speculation. You'll like it. Or, like, if you don't, that's fine, there's at least a couple other podcasts out there.

Topics include: Ross Parrot, Sir Winds a Lot, Taco Techniques, Baby Ankle Weights, ChildSkin (TM), I'm a Business Lady, Teeth Wanna Chew, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire When You Win It,

Relevant and Vitally Important Links:

Tio Sancho Taco Shells Commerical

Mr. Delicious


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Or, search for us on SPOTIFY if you also checked and the Tio Sancho Taco Shell commercial is definitely fake, which is honestly a huge bummer, and I really wish it wasn't, because wow the joy and shock I felt watching it for the first time believing in its wild awful glory, wow wow, what a thing.