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May 23, 2018

Remember Fallout Shelter? Of course you do. It's everybody's favorite game. Or, at least, it's one of ours. Since we did oceans last week, we thought it was only fair to keep the nautical theme rolling and do a boat-themed microtheticast! 

So, buckle up. Or, like, strap yourself down. Hold onto a sail. I don't know what people do in boats. Throw up?

Topics include: Sea Queen Esther Williams and her large purse, Ghost Pirate LeChuck and his obnoxious but totally rad vehicle, Rats Guy, and some pretty adorable post-apocalyptic ideas.


Our sponsor this week is Seven Spells! They're doing a fundraiser for their production called East of the Sun. It's. Gonna. Be. Rad. At least, if you like women-created and women-focused fairytales. And you do, right?

Or check out their Facebook page for some sweet videos.


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