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Aug 28, 2019

Oh, oh, oh my hello good morning. It's time to get blasted by us, in your ears, by our words, and actually, blasted is a tough and aggressive word. I'm sorry. Um. Take 2.

You wanna hear this podcast? Hit play. 

There it is.

This time, we're playing a naughty version of the game called "The Good, The Bad, and The Answer," which is all about pros and cons. JOIN US if you'd like to find out which parts of Emily's body are going to be glow in the dark, which sexually explicit tattoos Mike is definitely going to get, and the sorts of places in which David would like to smooch. 

Topics include: Blazin' Bright, Boner Bonus, Conflating the Line Between Murder and Sex, Butt on my Butt, Too Juicy, and The Mist Gets In Your Ears.


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