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May 24, 2017

Our show is literally swimming in listener submitted Would You Rather questions. It's remarkable. And we love you, each and every human. The Hypotheticats are the best fans around. Write that down. It's true. Write it down.

But, in the face of our abundant listener ideas, Mike decides that he just wants to make up some of his own. His questions make us think about marrying clouds, about cement feet, about the population of Topeka, Kansas, and many other slightly awful things.

Also in this episode: apologizing to sentient spaghetti, Big Nature, Herzogmobiles, and lots of other nasty business that you probably don't want to hear about Seth Rogen chasing people while not wearing any clothing.

Naked Seth Rogen.

There you go, SEO. We'll pop up on SOMEBODY'S Google search, now.