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Jan 9, 2019

Gather round your stereo, friends. It's time to listen to another episode of Hypotheticast. This one's about RADIO! You know, that thing you have in your car, or in your pocket, or on that streaming app on your phone. Radio means a lot of things, and we're here to talk about what those things are. So many questions, so many answers.

Topics include: 90.7 THE WEEJ, Radio Oui-Jays, Chaz the Cool Girl, My Friend in the Diamond Business, This is a Denny's, The Other Emily Dussault, Dr. Demento, Being Cool, Belts Full of Small Radios, If a Tree is Nice, and Not Touching That Dial.



We're officially a part of the Radio Five Watt Podcasting Family! That means you can hear us at 7 PM every Tuesday night, before the podcast even actually comes out. Amazing. Plus, they're amazing at curating local music. Seriously, check it.


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