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Aug 7, 2019

Oh yes, oh yes indeed, the time has come. We have an episode about HOME for you, and it's a real stinker. Just the worst. You'll have to listen to be sure, but it's basically just a bunch of dolphin and whale sounds bouncing off each other, with a couple laugh tracks and a cameo from Will Smith's character from Shark Tale.

What I mean to say is: thanks for listening, this episode rules, I love you, and come on in and listen to some wonderful hypothetical speculation about homes. Yes. That.

Topics include: Boring Little Nobodies, Where Will I Put My Steeds, Ample Jumpin', Secret Twin Brothers, "Great" Uncles, Steppin' Up Your Spooky Stuff, and Wouldn't It Just Be Fun To Give 'Em A Smack.


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