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Nov 18, 2020

Hi, hi hi. And a fourth hi, just for safety. Can't be too careful these days. Strange folk about. 

Remember when you were a kid and hated listening to music because it wasn't for kids? Well, obviously, Kidz Bop fixed that. But they broke so many other things, including Lyrical Integrity Itself. So, we're here to help THEM heal the damage they made by trying to keep dirty words out of the minds and hearts of children. And then, once we make 'em better for kids, we make them even more adult.

Anyway, we're playing Adultz Bop again! Join us.

Topics include: The Older You Get the Nastier You Get, Expose His Shame, Just to Find That Nude, What Are Things That Can Kiss Each Other For Kids, The Mozart of Kidz Bop. Garfield is the Slowest Cat


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