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Oct 27, 2021

***CONTENT WARNING: one specific story about bug infestation and human decay.***

He's almost here! Old Mr. Skeletons himself, the self-proclaimed and Wal-Mart Sponsored "Santa of Halloween." It's not a good ad campaign, but it is technically an ad campaign. 

But really, the ween is close. So, gather round, and listen to us answer one HUNDRED spooky would-you-rathers. We did all one hundred. We did.

Topics include: It's Too Close to Halloween to Use Phones, I Love Spooky, I Am Not Bringing the Spiders to Work, With the Power of Bugs Anything Can Happen, Oh My God a Duck is Here, Scare Package, Do You Want to Bleed Out of Your Whole Body or Get Killed by Me, and Scary Laugh.


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